My Life in Pictures!


Benin 2 020

My “Welcome to Parakou” kit that was given to me by my awesome post mate, Lisa!

iphone 10.30.2012 034  iphone 10.30.2012 042

My house!

19.19.2012 009

My PC-style couch/bed/futon! Peace Corps Benin gives each PCV a mattress and since I replaced someone who already had a bed, I made my twin matress into a guest bed/couch:)

iphone 10.30.2012 046    iphone 10.30.2012 047

One side of my bedroom with the closet and bed.  Sidenote – I won that super awesome Gilligan’s Island hat – that’s hanging on my bed post – in a dance competition! That’s right. This girl won a dance competition in Africa. Whattttuup.

 iphone 10.30.2012 048

Other side of my bedroom annnnd another great shot of my prize hat!

iphone 10.30.2012 050

The foot and a half of space in between my house and bathroom… Pointless? Absolutely.

iphone 10.30.2012 049     iphone 10.30.2012 067

My kitchen! Yes, my kitchen is basically outside and yes, I have been completely petrified to go out there at night since I’ve discovered a special visitor.

iphone 10.30.2012 051    iphone 10.30.2012 052

My bathroom, or as they call them here, my douche:)

 iphone pics for IST 007    12.11.2012 011

2 of the 4 major marches is Parakou. The one on the right is Marche Depot and on the left is Marche Azeke or, as it’s known in town, the Grand Marche.

iphone pics for IST 008

Some findings at Marche Depot. Take a guess at what those are. Hint hint, they go “MOOOO!”


Typical breakfast: Coffee and rice with sugar and moringa!

iphone 10.30.2012 069

Lisa and I as pregnant zombies [or teen moms gone wrong] for Halloween!

iphone 10.30.2012 001    Phone 11.7.12 004

Phone 11.7.12 005   iphone 10.30.2012 004   Phone 11.7.12 003

My place of work! ABM’s logo, my ‘desk’, my view from my ‘desk’ and some moringa!

Bariba Horses 1

While sitting at a bouvette one night Lisa and I spotted some members of the royal Bariba Entourage! The Bariba people are an indigenous tribe in the area and are one of two traditional reigning royal families in Parakou. They dress their horses in fancy shmancy outfits and ride around town doing something that I have not been made aware of just yet… 🙂 They were more than happy to let us hop on for some pictures (if you can’t tell I’m on the second horse from the left), but we were too scared (read: they were too drunk) to actually ride around them.

19.19.2012 044  19.19.2012 042

This past week we had our first In-Service Training (IST).  We each did a study on our communities and presented our findings to the group. Since I live in one of the biggest cities in the country most of my answers were pretty boring so I figured I’d make my PPT interesting and take some fun pics! So, this is my “driving” a bus from one of the 3 major bus lines and another of me “driving” what people call a “tro tro” aka a van.

19.19.2012 037   19.19.2012 033

IST presentation pictures with the local Gendarmes on the left.  The one on the right is of me getting taken into one of the 3 major hospitals in Parakou.

19.19.2012 032  19.19.2012 031

Every Saturday I co-teach an English Club (for 1st year students) and a Business Club (for 2nd and 3rd year students) at Parakou University. These two pictures are of Lisa at one of our first meetings!

12.11.2012 023   12.11.2012 022

Weave weekend! Lisa and I after we got our weaves! It took us each 4 hours to get it done and it was SO painful! I left mine in for about a week and a half. Fun to have in, not fun to take out, but I would totally do it again (in Benin).

Tchuk 2  Tchuk 3

Tchuk (pronounced chook) is a locally brewed millet beer that you drink out of a dried gourd. Each village/city who brew this tchuk drank have “tchuk marche” days where they empty out the/a local market and replace each stand with a woman selling tchuk! Parakou is home to 2 tchuk marches, one of which is the largest in the country! The pics are of a friend of mine and I out on tchuk marche day with a group of fellow tchuk drankers (must read that with southern accent). Side note: it tastes like sour apple juice.

Phone 11.7.12 010

I’m not sure if you can see them in this picture, but these are [as I was told] mango spiders and they are GIGANTIC! Really though, one of the big ones is the size of my hand.

  iphone pics for IST 060     iphone pics for IST 063

iphone pics for IST 075     iphone pics for IST 067

Lisa and I helped out a group of Parakou University students with a World AIDS Day GIVE 1 project on November 29th – December 1st.  We passed out condoms in the community and collected money to throw a Christmas party for local children who have been orphaned by the disease. I learned a lot about my community during the 3 days and it ended up being a lot of fun. Of course, the bottom two pictures are 2 of at least 20 that were taken at the end of day 3 when someone in the group discovered how to use the camera on my phone.

iphone pics for IST 018 (2)  19.19.2012 045

Coming soon to a radio [not anywhere] near YOU! DJ Paco and La Hizzle will be taking over the Parakou airwaves on Urban FM. Our radio show will highlight all things american pop culture as well as host contests and guest speakers! Stay tuned.

iphone pics for IST 054

And to end this obnoxiously long post, I give you Pantene Pro-Vs latest line of “Anti Hair Fall Shampoo” – get yours today.

Happy Holidays! xoxo.



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  1. Love the pics. Miss you. Did you get my package yet? I sent it around the first of Nov. I sent another one on the 15th of Nov. with you Christmas present in it. I’ve sent 3 packages so far. Let me know. Love you.

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