I’M HERE!!!!


I am here and I am safe!  I’m at a cyber cafe in Porto Novo so I don’t have a full update but I’ll write as much as I can before my time runs out:)

My first few days here were very overwhelming! It was scary, but everyone was/is very nice.  I am living with my host family in Porto Novo for training (the first 3 months I am here).  They’re awesome! I have une mama and 5 sisters! They’re all so much like my sisters its scary.

I have running water and electricity when I need it, no internet (unless I go to an awesome cyber cafe) and my toilette doesnt flush:) haha!

OK my time is running out – write me letters!!!! I miss you all so so so so so much!


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  1. I don’t if and when you will see this, but it is great to here form you and it sounds like you are getting settled. Running water and electricity, ballin. Have fun cant wait to read the next update.

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