45 Days left in America Land.


45 Days to go until I leave for stage! I fly out on the 23rd and I am hoping some of my NYC friends can come meet me in Philly one last time:)

In other news:

  1. I planned on writing a 50 day post, but I found out that our stage dates officially changed to a few days early.  So, my count down passed over day 50:(  Bon Voyage party and good-bye trip to grandparents have been rescheduled.

    Email from Evan about staging!

  2. I’ve made it through most of my packing “purchasing” list.  Everything left is either food or smallish things that I’ve decided I can obsess with during my final week here.  The only big purchase left is luggage – oy vey.

    Part of my closet has become a storage place for all of my PC stuff!

  3. I got a brand new NEPHEW! Zavian was born on May 27th with the most precious little face I’ve ever seen.  Getting to be there for his birth was definitely one of the BEST moments of my life (and quite scary too! haha).  I remember playing “house” with my sisters and our dolls when we were SO little and to see one of my sisters have a REAL baby – so surreal still!

Holding baby Zavi!

That’s all for now! A bientot mes amis:)


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