And The Winner is…


I got a text from my mom with pictures of my Invitation Packet while I was waiting for my luggage after a 14 hour flight from France.  Then, after an agonizing drive home from SFO, this is what happened:



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    • Thank you! I’m still slowly loosing my sanity still too, that never stops haha:) Best of luck to you! Do you have a blog?

  1. You are too freakin’ adorable in that video! I remember when I opened my packet – not quite as exciting since I could see the country name through the address peep hole! Oh well 🙂 it was still awesome. I hope you have an amazing time preparing for your service and an even more incredible time serving! It’s a life-changing experience more so than you could ever imagine. Congrats!

    • haha Thanks! I’d heard you could see it from the address hole, but I had no luck there. I’m so excited to get started! Thank you for your kind words!

    • Hi Norm!

      That sounds great! I saw somewhere that there was another BF Trainee around here too, as well as a Benin Trainee coming to norcal this summer, we should all plan to get together. I think it would be very beneficial:)

      Talk to you soon,


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