Application Status Update!


I was convinced that today I was going to get an email from my PO  telling me I was invited.  Well, no email from my PO yet, but I did get an Application Status Update email!  I tried VERY hard not to get too excited and just look to see what it was (with PC you NEVER know).  Sure enough, this is what I found:

Que jumping up and down on my bed/happy dance at 4am!

Now, the guessing game begins! I was nominated for Business Advising in Francophone SSA.  During my placement interview my PO did not say anything about other regions, she just asked in I was OK with SSA, French, etc.  So, I am assuming that it’s still SSA.  I included non-Francophone countries leaving in June as well, just in case.  I have narrowed it down to a few countries and dates based off the wiki, FPCVs group on FB and some friends of mine that are already serving:

June 2(?) = Mali
June 4= Burkina Faso
June 5= Swaziland
June 6= Cameroon
June 6= Liberia
June 6= Sierra Leone
June 12= Senegal
June 27= Benin

Let me know what you think!  I am so excited to find out where I am going!


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  1. YESSS!! i vote for Mali, unfortunately the June stage doesn’t bring the SED sector ( they come in october) so, insider information, you can cross off that from the list. But I hope you come to Senegal or better yet Burkina (closer to me) and we can be neighbors!!! Congrats, all so exciting and can’t wait to have you in West Africa!!

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