“Follow-up phone discussion requested for your Peace Corps placement” (!!!)


Hello Heather,

My name is LB (note: I’m not sure how politically correct it is to include these people’s names in blogs… so, I opted out), I am your Placement Officer at Peace Corps. I am currently considering your application for placement. I would like to arrange a 30-minute phone discussion with you to complete the final evaluation of your application. Please let me know a day and time beginning Wednesday, January 4th when you would be available for a phone discussion and the best number at which to reach you. I am available Monday through Friday between 9:00am to 4:00pm EST.

Thank you,


Volunteer Placement and Assessment Specialist, Business Skill Desk

Peace Corps

1111 20th St. NW

Washington, DC 20526

Phone: 202-692-1859

Fax: 202-692-1897

RPCV Senegal 2001 – 2004

AHHHHHHH!!!! I emailed her back with January 4th at 10am EST (7am in CA, I had to convince myself not to opt for 6am since I’d probably interview better if I was more awake:)) We settled on 10:15 EST since she has another call scheduled right before. I’m so nervous/excited! I’ve officially stalked all things LB & final placement… now the wait…


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