Medically Cleared – Officially!


[update below]  Well… maybe:)  I woke up to an email saying my application status had been updated, so I went into my toolkit and found this:

When I got the email I figured it was just my dental that was going to have the check not both dental and medical!  How awesome (and nerve wrecking)!  However, this doesn’t mean I am medically cleared.  I was extremely thorough with my medical exams, I made sure I understood every test I took and the results, thus avoiding any unwanted medical holds.  But, you never know!

In most of the blogs I’ve read, this message means you are medically cleared and the letter you’re going to receive will say just that, only “officially”.  Fingers crossed people!

Until next time…


So, my letter came in the mail on Friday, but dated November 28th 2011 and it says I am officially medically cleared for service!

From the picture of my toolkit above, I’m confident my dental is cleared as well, I just not received anything “official” on that one…yet.



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